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Queen Of The Adriatic Sea Choral Festival And Competition - Cattolica - 7 maggio

Giovedì 7 maggio 2015 (ore 00:00)

(RN), Emilia Romagna, Italia

From 7 to 10 May 2015, Cattolica, Italy

Welcome Choirs!

Dear friends of choral music!

Let us invite Your choir to another choral festival and competition which takes place in beautiful Cattolica and in another wonderful places of Romagna Region in Italy!

Like every year the Queen of the Adriatic Sea Choral Festival and Competition 2015 is open for all types of choirs - adult s choirs mixed/equal voices and children s and youth choirs. You can perform any choral repertoire, sacred or secular, folk or gospel. You will be listened by the professional jury - a team of experts in choral music which will award the choirs with diplomas and will be also at Your disposal to give You some advices to improve the technique and the interpretation of Your choir.

The programme includes the Competition at the magnificent Cattolica Queen's Theatre Teatro della Regina, a concert at the historic Cathedral of San Leo, as well as a common service to be sung at the Catholic Church.

The variety of places selected for the performances, the professional jury, the numerous events and the extremely rich repertoire make this Festival not only one of the most spectacular international choral festivals but also a unique opportunity of mutual and fruitful exchange between different musical cultures!

So do not hesitate and send us Your application form right now! Come with Your choir to Queen of the Adriatic Sea Choral Festival and Competition 2015!

Dr. Andrea Angelini, PhD
Artistic Director of the Competition
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