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Tandem Cafe' With Esn Trento! - Il Circolino - 11 marzo

Mercoledì 11 marzo 2015 (ore 19:00)

c/o , Piazza Venezia, 41/1, Trento (TN), Trentino Alto Adige, Italia

Do you want to improve and practice a foreign language?

Would you like to meet international students from all over the world?

Are you just tired after an heavy day and do you want to have relax drinking a beer with friends in a multicultural environment?

The Tandem Cafè is what you were looking for!

Here you will have the opportunity to speak the languages that you are studying with mother - tongue completely for free! There will be many conversation tables each one speaking a different language such as English, French, German, Spanish, etc. etc. The languages may vary every time.

Mother - tongues who want to help us by speaking their own language with other students will get a free drink!

As for every good Italian Aperitivo some Focacce, Sandwich, crisps, etc. will be offered on any table, and more over there will be Special Discounts for ESN Card holders:
- Spritz or Hugo € 2,50
- Medium Beer € 3,00
- Hamburger&Chips € 5,00
Don't miss the chance!
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